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About TAGS

TAGS or the Talia Agler Shelter is a registered CCI established in 2012 to offer solace to the victims of human trafficking, sexual and gender based violence, child labor, domestic violence and forced migration. Our focus is on Reaching, Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Reintegrating girls aged 10-24 years old. 

Our Backstory

Since the TAGS Education Fund was established in 2013 our primary support system has been the Tali Fund.

“The Talia Agler Girls’ Shelter and the Tali Fund were created in memory of our daughter, Talia Agler, of blessed memory. Talia was a vibrant, idealistic, and dedicated young woman whose life was cut short when as a pedestrian in Washington DC, she was struck by a motor vehicle in January 2012.
Talia accomplished many things during her twenty-six years and her work continues through the Tali Fund. The Fund supports causes she championed, among them, the work of the Talia Agler Girls Shelter (TAGS) led by Edith Murogo of the Centre for Domestic Training and Development in Nairobi. Talia interned at CDTD as a college student in 2006 and remained in contact with Edith during the intervening years. She embarked upon a career in international development and shortly before her death spoke with Edith and endorsed her idea of creating a Shelter for girls at-risk and in-need.

She would be thrilled to know that the “Talias” at the Shelter are being given an opportunity to rescue their lives through schooling made possible by the TAGS Education Fund. It has been our privilege to support the girls who are being given new hope through the work done by Edith and her staff. Truly they are fulfilling the Tali Fund’s mission of “Saving the World—One Life at a Time.”

Richard and Mindy Agler
The Tali Fund, Inc.

It has been our honor and joy to carry on Talia’s legacy. The smiles and the impact on our beneficiaries’ lives has made this a worthwhile cause.

Let's Talk Numbers...

For the past 9 years (2013-2022), the TAGS Education Fund has provided long term support to over 285 girls. The fund provided the beneficiaries with school uniform, stationery, books, transport, accommodation and upkeep.

In addition to that, we provide extra curricular activities and skills training and workshops at the shelter during the holidays .

The fund has supported these girls through their primary, secondary and tertiary education. This year (2022), we have 100 beneficiaries being supported by the Education Fund.  

Did You Know ?!

To educate one girl through one year of school costs :  

  • Ksh 75,000 for Primary Education. 
  • Ksh 100,000 for Secondary Education.
  • Ksh 150,000 for Tertiary Education.


We have highly competitive and limited scholarships which are only awarded to those we rescue in our programs (our beneficiaries). However, with time, we look to expand.

TAGS Fundraisers

This year, we need 7 Million shillings to enable us to educate and support the girls under our Education Fund. The fundraising event will be a dinner (TAGS Dinner) targeting partners, corporates, and well-wishers who are interested in / invested in the vision and mission of the Talia Agler Girls Shelter (TAGS).

The objective is to have a fundraiser and an auction that will help us raise the financial resources needed for this academic year (2021/2022). The fundraiser is scheduled to happen later this year and is still in the planning stage.

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Ksh. 379, 586

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