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About TAGS

TAGS a.k.a the Talia Agler Shelter is a registered CCI established in 2012 to offer solace to the victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse, child labor, domestic violence and forced migration. Our focus is on Reaching, Rescuing, Rehabilitating, and Reintegrating girls aged (10-24) years old. 

Let's Talk Numbers...

Since its establishment in 2013 the TAGS Educational Fund has provided long term support to over 285 girls. The fund not only provides fees but also uniform, stationery, books, transport and accommodation.

The fund has supported these girls through their primary, secondary and tertiary education. This year, 2021 we have 81 girls being supported by the Education Fund.  

Did You Know ?!

It takes approximately Ksh 100,000 to educate one girl for one year.

TAGS Fundraiser

This year we need 7 Million to be able to educate and support the girls enrolled to our Education Fund. The fundraising event will be a dinner (virtual and physical) targeted towards interested partners, cooporates and individuals who are interested in / invested in the vision and mission of the Talia Agler Girls Shelter.

The objective is to have a harambee and an auction that will help us raise the financial and human resources needed for this academic year (2021/2022). The fundraiser is scheduled to happen later on this year and is still in planning stages.

Donation Progress Bar

Ksh 60,000

You can still support us

Even though the fundraising date has not yet been announced; you can still support the TAGS Education Fund by donating to…

“Be a Champion for Abused Girls”

or follow us on our socials for information about this project.

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